I came across an article the other day that was quite interesting. It spoke about how social media has changed the way actual talent is no longer a factor. Popular people have overshadowed those that actually have talent, and credentials to boot. Instagram followers in high numbers trump those who have actually put in work. So, It's now a game of numbers. Along with that, I've been having many conversations with those that "just do not get it!" They don't get why they're posting pictures of their licensed credentialed work and getting no applause. However, when they post a selfie, a full body pic etc. Then, there's much applause.

Personally I'm more concerned with the check that goes along with it. I'm more concerned with the longevity than just the moment. Im still on the fence with all of this, so I sometimes fall victim. Honestly tho, I feel silly posting staged,  superficial photos, everything I buy, everywhere I go!

However,  I have been very observant of social media over the past few years and from experience I've come to terms that PEOPLE "LIKE" STUFF!  No one wants to see your work unless you've managed to become insta popular. If not......."Boooooo!" BORING.

People are intrigued by and applauding the illusions. Which is more appealing. You know, The designer drip, the fancy homes, cars, shoes and bags. Do you not have photos of yourself in a known celebrity vacation spot, with a catchy caption?    Well,  I suggest you get one if "LIKES" are the goal. Just remember that validation is for parking!

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