Monecka Freeman, affectionately known as Moe, a seasoned hair artist of over 20 years, was born in Columbus, Ohio. Daughter of a former hairstylist, spent countless days inside of the salon and vowed to never become a stylist. In fact, was set to become a fashion designer. With a change of heart, completing cosmetology school, Moe was part of a dominating styling team in Columbus for many years. Admiring many stylists before her time in the hair industry. Moe then became a well known feature in Hump the Grinders Hair Wars, learning and being educated by some of the industries top stylists such as Mr. Little & Cool C of Detroit, MI. Her many accomplishments earned her the Critically acclaimed title as one of the industries greats, She is now owner Of HISOCIETI HAIR COUTURE & THE BOUJIELIFE BOUTIQUE. An edgy, fashionable salon. A salon many say needs to be filmed daily and would make for great television. Over 20 years in the industry.  Having only 9 short years underneath her as a salon owner, Moe has managed to reinvent the formula and remain a dominant & relevant force within the industry.


With extreme creativity. Strong drive & Passion for hairstyling, designing, Fashion as well as Making Women CONFIDENT AND BEAUTIFUL. Moe still having a passion for fashion, recently launched her very own boutique and clothing line of called the boujielife. Also the creator of the best hair accessory to date. BoujieBANDS, a handmade leather headband which have become very popular. 

Although she has a soft spot for her life behind the chair, she is destined for bigger things such as educating, building a more elite clientele and more globetrotting. Having worked alongside some of the industries best artists, Moe has recently teamed with well known celebrity makeup artist Reginald Dowdley forming a traveling glam squad. Now known throughout Ohio, and internationally. She Is an entity that you cannot box into one specific category. Innovative, creative, mastering, and stylishly challenging, this woman does it all. The finished product she puts out forces you to love the gift and respect the artist; keeping one on the edge of their seat waiting to see just what will she do next. Touring the world With celebrity clients such as Keyshia Cole her work can be seen in several print and publications, such as Pepsi, BET, Extreme hair AND King  magazine. With a presence that demands attention, Moe is definitely a force in this community and industry, not to mention a journey , and most interesting story for a autobiography someday. Most gracious for her continued success. You too should experience Moe!